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Summer 2019 my online writing skills programme goes live, before an official launch early autumn.

The thrust of the programme is to transform a team’s or a firm’s writing culture by training a critical mass of staff in persuasive, empathic writing. The programme tackles ‘The Nasty Nine’ — the nine most common B2B writing issues, based on 15 years of training 5,000+ business people in writing skills, including staff of The Economist.

Nail those Nine Nasties and you’re on your way to being a much better writer.

There are nine modules in the form of video + webinar, averaging about 20 minutes each, with exercises related to each module. And, if you’d rather read than watch, there’s a verbatim transcript of the modules.

The nine modules can be consumed as part of a writing culture change programme, alongside things like a writing audit, pathfinder service and half-day writing clinics. Or they can be consumed stand-alone, to introduce your staff to my persuasive writing techniques and/or to remind them of what they covered in my rhetorica® writing workshop.

If you’d like to check out the free sample — all of Module 1, ‘We’-ing all over your Reader — click here, or add your name to the waiting list below for when the programme goes live.

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"Loved the practical examples and techniques I can understand easily and start using immediately."

− Shannon Geer, BAE Systems

"Much more interesting and engaging than I expected!"

− Roxanne Evering, BAE Systems

"…Great course. It’s good to know I can improve my writing in so many simple ways."

− Ben Ludford, BAE Systems

"Best training I’ve had at PwC by a country mile."

− Nathan Noerr, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"Best course I've been on since joining PwC! Scott was extremely engaging and covered so much material in a short time. Thanks, Scott."

− Robert Clarry, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"No improvements needed. It was one of the best training sessions I have ever had at A&O."

− Joanna Hughes, PSL, Allen & Overy LLP

"A huge thank you from the team. 5/5 is an accurate reflection — you are that good."

− Kate Bahen, CEO, Charity Intelligence Canada

"Excellent course. Probably the most interesting, engaging and influential one-day course I’ve ever attended. Thank you, Scott."

− Hozumi Sakamoto, The Economist

"Good blend of structured and on the fly. Very engaging."

− Nat Antman, The Economist

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