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A lament for her rape and murder after she was abducted 500m from my home, near Clapham Common, South-west London, March 2021


My heart is woeful sore, for the woman

We did not know but all adore

Who suddenly appeared on lamp-post, screen and door.

Your pretty face, alert and full of life

Now as still as a knife

In a dusty drawer.


You were the best of us

Taken by the worst of us.


You are no longer

You are no longer here

You are no longer here or there.

You are everywhere.


You are the tracks of our grieving tears

You are the lilac sky as sunset nears

Cloaking the Common in the gath’ring dark

On your last walk home through the quiet park.

The bandstand you passed with your final steps

Will never be the same again:

A floral grandstand now, a bird of paradise

Soaring to all points North, South, East and West.

But I guess you did that all the time,

Didn’t you? Everything you touched, you blessed.


We’ll be seeing you, supernova Sarah,

Playing among the stars

Tugging on Orion’s Belt and skipping onto Mars.


And as your universal journey starts

May your smile live eternal in our hearts.



Rest in peace, Sarah

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