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Stood stock still at the cross-roads in the park

Frank at my heels

Morning sunlight bathes my back

Washes through me,



People come and go

Some fast, some slow.

Most lost in thought or screen

Brows furrowed,

Man and dog unseen.

But some do smile

As they scuttle past.


I gaze for long down the railway path.

Figures loom towards us, pass by

And are gone.

Others recede and shrink, absorbed by the mottled green

To another, distant scene.

A robin, breast a-glow, flits pasts us.

Curious or playful? Hard to know.


Light and shade jostle on the dry, beaten earth

Dappling the ground with green, grey and brown

Shape shifting, never in repose,

As the sunlight dances, ebbs and flows.


Let’s loosen the bands that bind

Slip the knots, the tangles uncurled.

Let our feet stand soft upon the ground

And become one with the dusty world.

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