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Want your staff to learn to write like The Economist in their own time?

Buy a corporate licence for my online writing programme


This programme offers 21 online modules (one for each technique), coupled with downloadable exercises and a live, interactive, 1-hour, weekly webinar with me.

The programme offers you seven benefits over an offline, classroom-based course:

  1. your people study in their own time, not in work-time
  2. they can access it 24/7, ie whenever it suits them
  3. they can study at their own pace (especially important for non-native English writers)
  4. they get even more content and examples than on the 1-day workshop
  5. they can repeat any modules whenever they want, as often as they want and in whatever order they want
  6. they get weekly feedback from me on their particular writing issues
  7. you save the travel and accommodation costs associated with sending your staff on a classroom course

The weekly webinar is the (not so) secret ingredient: it allows users to raise with me any writing issues they met as they worked through the modules and get an immediate response. So it helps them to internalise and apply the 21 writing techniques.

Corporate licences for my online writing skills programme

No. of users Cost per licence (GBP) Cost per user (GBP)
10 3,000 300
20 5,500 275
30 7,500 250
40 9,000 225
50 10,000 200
50+ Negotiable depending on no.of users Negotiable depending on no.of users

If you head up a team, division or department, or you’re responsible for developing the skills of the people in your organisation and would like to know more about this programme, pls book a slot in my electronic diary.

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