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Got a ‘must-win’ bid looming in the next three to six months?


Take my live bid support.

Let me become a temporary member of your bid team and help tip the odds in your favour to win, through advice, hands-on support and 1-to-1 coaching. When I work with clients in this way, my average win-rate is 86%.

You and your organisation get three main benefits:

1)you slash the odds of winning that particular contract;

2) your team’s bid writing and pitching skills jump to the next level;

3) your staff see proposals best practice first-hand so they can replicate it themselves.

Nine things I do for other clients that could help you too:

  1. Identify the five classic buyer roles and their individual agendas
  2. Engage with the buyer(s) early, ideally pre-tender
  3. Assess the ‘winnability’ of the opportunity (and in some cases advise you NOT to bid)
  4. Establish the ‘win-themes’ or main messages that will carry the day
  5. Craft a compelling story
  6. Draft, edit or re-write key sections of the document — especially the executive summary
  7. Improve your team’s writing/presenting skills through on-the-spot coaching
  8. Plan, practise and perfect the pitch, including creating a ‘killer slide’
  9. Interview the buyer for candid post-award feedback on your bid

This may not be for you. I only work with a handful of clients at a time. I’m choosy about whom I work with, partly because I want to maintain my healthy win-rate! If we do decide to work together ― whatever stage of the bid process you engage me at ― my mission will be to deliver a multiple return on your investment in me.

The earlier you involve me, the more value I can add. And if an unexpected ITT or RFP swings your way, I may also be able to help you with that.

Please consider this. Engaging me in this way is neither an admission of defeat nor a criticism of your team or process. Rather, it’s a recognition that, when the margins between winning and losing are wafer-thin, it makes sense to do whatever you can to tip the odds in your favour and maximise your chances of winning. If you face a major contract opportunity in the UK or overseas in the next three to six months where the financial and/or strategic stakes are high, I would suggest that the risks of NOT using my services far outweigh the risks of doing so.

If you’d like to know more, pls click on the button to book a slot with me in my electronic diary. This is a relaxed, introductory, exploratory conversation to find out about each other, with absolutely no obligation or pressure on either of us to work together.

Let's talk


Whether it’s a competitive pitch or tender, or a non-competitive proposal, remember that doing nothing is often an option for the buyer in a buyer’s market. My job is to help you make your proposition to them irresistible and compelling.