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Hi. I’m The Writing GuyTM.

I show professional services firms around the world how to use language to connect with their readers and get the results they want.

I’m also the CEO and co-founder of Write for Results. Co-founder, because in 2004 I formed the company with Andy Maslen, a top copywriter. For eight happy years we trained several blue-chip clients in writing skills, including staff of The Economist Group. In 2012 Andy decided to devote himself to his copywriting, leaving me with the company.

If you work in professional services and you hire Write for Results, you will get three things:

You’ll find out how easy it is to write well.

I trained staff of The Economist for ten years and Allen & Overy for nine. I’ve written a book on persuasive writing: rhetorica — a toolkit of 21 everyday writing techniques (due to be launched officially in Q1 2017, but you can buy one of the first copies here).

You’ll win more bids, tenders, pitches and proposals.

I helped Ernst & Young (now EY) double its tender win-rate and I’ve written a book on that, too. Click here to view my books.

You’ll create world-class pitches — to sell an idea, attract investment or change someone’s mind.

I recently worked with biotech start-ups as part of HRH Prince Andrew’s ‘Pitch@Palace’ scheme. I’ve not written a book on pitching yet, but maybe I should to complete the trilogy.

Download my 1-day workshop in proposals best practice programme here.

Member of the Westminster Business Council

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