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In the hyper-competitive consultancy sector, client-facing communications need to achieve cut-through and stand-out; few do.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Dry thought leadership pieces and client alerts
  • Poorly crafted executive summaries
  • Widespread misunderstanding of the firm’s value proposition (if there is one)
  • Boring, ill-rehearsed elevator pitches
  • Scatter-gun BD strategies

External comms that lack impact come with a cost: opportunity, market positioning, reputation and, ultimately, revenue.

Having worked with consultancy firms around the world since 2004, Write for Results offers three service lines to address these challenges:

Service line #1: Transform your Writing

For teams/firms that need to write more persuasively and engagingly, using the rhetorica® 21 everyday writing techniques (and the title of Scott’s book).

What clients get when they hire us:

  • Higher return on their investment in written comms, by getting the reader response they seek
  • Clear, concise, compelling and convincing writing — and confident writers
  • Faster, more efficient publishing of client-facing comms — thanks to fewer drafts and no more costly re-writes by busy senior managers

Service line #2: Nail your Pitch

For teams/firms that need to articulate their offer to the market and nail their ‘elevator pitch’.

What clients get when they hire us:

  • A compelling value proposition (offer to the market) that underpins all their external comms and cross-selling activities
  • A powerful 60-second elevator pitch they can deliver with confidence in any scenario
  • The energy and confidence that comes from knowing their target market and their unique offer to that market

Service line #3: Win your Bid

For teams/firms that need to raise their win-rates in tenders, pitches and panel reviews.

What clients get when they hire us:

  • Higher return on their tendering investment and lower opportunity cost
  • More impact and efficiency at every stage of the bidding process, not just the bid document
  • Powerful executive summaries that distinguish their bid from the rest
  • BD teams that behave more like trusted internal advisors than document assemblers

If you’d like to know more, pls click on the button below to book a 15-minute slot to speak to Scott:

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Loved the practical examples and techniques I can understand easily and start using immediately.

Shannon Geer, BAE Systems

Much more interesting and engaging than I expected!

Roxanne Evering, BAE Systems

…Great course. It’s good to know I can improve my writing in so many simple ways.

Ben Ludford, BAE Systems

Best training I’ve had at PwC by a country mile.

Nathan Noerr, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Best course I've been on since joining PwC! Scott was extremely engaging and covered so much material in a short time. Thanks, Scott.

Robert Clarry, PricewaterhouseCoopers

No improvements needed. It was one of the best training sessions I have ever had at A&O.

Joanna Hughes, PSL, Allen & Overy LLP

A huge thank you from the team. 5/5 is an accurate reflection — you are that good.

Kate Bahen, CEO, Charity Intelligence Canada

Excellent course. Probably the most interesting, engaging and influential one-day course I’ve ever attended. Thank you, Scott.

Hozumi Sakamoto, The Economist

Good blend of structured and on the fly. Very engaging.

Nat Antman, The Economist

Some of my clients