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June 2015

Solved: Why most business writing is dull

Write for Results

Sleeping young businessman

Having trained thousands of business people all over the world in writing, I’ve identified three elements of good writing:

Top Content – I can’t help you with this. It is up to you and your business to apply your expertise through research, consultation and thought.

Clarity – if an idea is clear in your head, it will be clear in writing.

Personality – this is what I want to focus on. This is what most business writing lacks.

Many business writers suffer from The Myth of Professionalism.  They believe that to write well it must be ‘professional’, resulting in formal language. The problem with formal language is that words tend to be long, hard to spell, less understood and create a gap between the writer and the reader.

Formal writing is de-humanised and makes the writer sound like a corporate drone. Business writing is too formal and that’s why it’s dull. What do you think?

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