7 writing tips from RHETORICA® — a toolkit of 21 everyday writing techniques

People often ask me to summarise my top tips for improving their writing. What are the shortcuts that can transform it fast?


I tried to keep it to five, but in the end identified seven that take writing to the next level.

Here are the top 7 writing tips from my book rhetorica® — a toolkit of 21 everyday writing techniques:

TOP TIP #1: Write for your reader

TOP TIP #2: Honour the three steps of the writing process

TOP TIP #3: Set time aside to plan

TOP TIP #4: Nail your objective

TOP TIP #5: How to write concisely

TOP TIP #6: Write plain English

TOP TIP #7: Read your writing out loud (R.O.L.)

I hope you find them useful. To read the book in full, you can purchase it from Amazon here.

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  • I’ve studied the seven, and I agree that five wouldn’t be enough. Armed with this list of seven tips, aspiring writers must now go forth and practice, practice, practice. When can they stop practicing? When they’re dead. I love writing!

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