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rhetorica ® is a toolkit of 21 persuasive writing techniques developed over a decade. Come and master them.

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When we support clients on live bids, they win 86% of them. Find out how.

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Your elevator pitch is the rocket fuel in your marketing. But most businesses haven’t nailed theirs. Be different.

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Some of our clients

"Very well delivered session. The day went fast considering the amount of detail covered. Came away with extremely useful, practical tips!"

− Addie Ugbenne, Allen & Overy LLP

"Clear, concise – everything you would hope for and much, much more."

− Penny Dewar, RIAA Barker Gillette LLP

"Very good presentation and interaction."

− Alan McAlister, Cleaver Fulton Rankin

"Really good opportunity to reflect on your writing style. Thank you very much Scott!"

− Jimmy Park, PwC

"Much more interesting and engaging than I expected!"

− Roxanne Evering, BAE Systems

"Best course I've been on since joining PwC! Scott was extremely engaging and covered so much material in a short time. Thanks, Scott."

− Robert Clarry, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"Really great session. Very informative/engaging and helpful. Lots of added value."

− Preithy A Kumar, PwC

"A huge thank you from the team. 5/5 is an accurate reflection — you are that good."

− Kate Bahen, CEO, Charity Intelligence Canada

"Excellent course. Probably the most interesting, engaging and influential one-day course I’ve ever attended. Thank you, Scott."

− Hozumi Sakamoto, The Economist

"Scott was extremely engaging and interactive. I have learnt a tremendous amount throughout the day and will definitely apply it to my work."

− Swati Utkarshini, PwC

"Great information delivered perfectly"

− Davina David, Mullis & Peake LLP

"Very helpful, fantastic course. It really changed my mind!"

− Laura Sophia Schellhorn, Allen & Overy LLP

"Brilliant, informative course. Great trainer who knows his stuff! Would highly recommend this. Great day!"

− Steven Turner, Informa plc

"Very engaging and practical workshop, with a high energy facilitator. I finished the session really thinking I could put what I learnt into practice."

− Steven Rix, Allen & Overy LLP

"This was one of the most engaging and (usefully) interactive training sessions I have attended. I learnt a huge amount and expect that I will apply what I have learnt on a daily basis."

− Coirle Magee, PwC

"Loved the practical examples and techniques I can understand easily and start using immediately."

− Shannon Geer, BAE Systems

"Fantastic workshop — very relevant to my day to day work."

− Sian Rowland, Allen & Overy LLP

"Great practical tips and advice for writing effectively and proofreading."

− Jing Teow, PwC

"No improvements needed. It was one of the best training sessions I have ever had at A&O."

− Joanna Hughes, PSL, Allen & Overy LLP

"Good blend of structured and on the fly. Very engaging."

− Nat Antman, The Economist

"…Great course. It’s good to know I can improve my writing in so many simple ways."

− Ben Ludford, BAE Systems

"Best training I’ve had at PwC by a country mile."

− Nathan Noerr, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"Excellent and engaging workshop. Scott offered simple and practical guidance which will help improve my writing. "

− Pawel Wargan, Slaughter and May

"Enjoyable and lively session; helpful advice on improving my writing. Thank you."

− Tom Fletcher, Slaughter and May

"Great session. Scott is a very engaging speaker and I feel I have gathered lots of useful tips."

− David Shone, Slaughter and May LLP

"Really thought provoking course with some interesting techniques to practise."

− Victoria King, DMW Group

"A fantastic workshop that has changed my perception of writing styles."

− David Moss, DMW Group

"Great course. Felt the activities brought the thinking to life, especially the simplification of the paragraph."

− Tom Smith, DMW Group

"It was an extremely informative session, with a perfect amount of content and enough changes in topic to keep me interested the whole day."

− Laura Keane, DMW Group

"Very inspiring/charismatic presentation. Level of interaction just right. Practical, useful content. It was a great workshop. Thank you."

− Kayleigh Sanders, Allen & Overy

"Excellent workshop, brilliantly structured and presented."

− Yannie Lam, Allen & Overy LLP

"Patient, considerate and professional trainer. Aimed at individual needs, much appreciated."

− Friso van Orden, Allen & Overy LLP

"Great speaker, inspiring workshop."

− Charlotte Hoff, Allen & Overy LLP

"Scott teaches you how to use language to improve your work. The workshop is excellent..."

− Sophia Evenhuis, Allen & Overy LLP

"Learned a lot. Very helpful. Thanks!"

− Menno Keuper. Allen & Overy LLP

"Very engaging. Worksheets present a great opportunity to test new techniques as we go. Personable host/facilitator, deeply knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. Thoroughly enjoyable, I would highly recommend."

− Jonathan Matthews, AlixPartners

"The session was very engaging and helpful. All of the messages were very relevant to what we do."

− Camelia O'Brien, AlixPartners

"Fantastic! I want to apply all the lessons learnt. Hard part will be making them part of my habit. Thank you."

− Bronek Carr, DMW Group

"Great course, very well delivered. Content well tailored to the group."

− Mark McCormack, DMW Group

"Scott, thank you for an amazing workshop! I found it very useful and great for tips I can apply immediately."

− Tomas Houska, AlixPartners LLP

"Today taught me a lot about making the shift between academic and business writing. Let's keep in touch. Lee."

− Lee Grant, DMW Group

"Hi Scott, thanks for reaching out. Very valuable lessons I can't wait to apply!"

− Irene Dell'Orto, AlixPartners LLP

"I really enjoyed the course, found it incredibly helpful and had a good laugh as Scott worked really brilliantly with us all and made it fun!"

− Jan Abbey, AbbeyWarner Partnership

"I thoroughly recommend your workshop and still use the learnings every day."

− Ulrike Stimmel, PSL, Allen & Overy LLP

"Thank you very much for a fantastic training session!"

− Anna van der Leeuw, Allen & Overy Amsterdam

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